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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies by Revenue

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US pharmaceutical and consumer goods producer Johnson & Johnson is number one by a wide margin in the worldwide Top Ten rankings of pharmaceutical companies by revenue. The Swiss pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Roche are also on the "winners podium". Bayer Healthcare is the top-ranking German pharmaceutical company (8th in the table).


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The ninth place is held by British Astra Zeneca, who declined several takeover offers by comptetitor Pfizer. Astra Zeneca's 2013 turnover was around US $ 25,7 billion Dollar.

Novartis with the most Employees

Last in the line of the top-ten revenue-companies in the pharmaceutical industry is Eli Lilly with US $ 23,1 billion Dollar.

The ranking of the most employees shows a similar picture, although Novartis has a slight edge on Johnson & Johson.

  • 1. Novartis: 135,000 employees
  • 2. Johnson & Johnson: 128,000 employees
  • 3. Sanofi: 110,000 employees
  • 4. Glaxo Smith Kline: 100,000 employees
  • 5. Pfizer: 90,0000 employees
  • 6. Roche: 85,000 employees
  • 7. Merck: 74,000 employees
  • 8. Bayer Healthcare: 56,000 employees
  • 9. Astra Zeneca: 51,000 employees
  • 10. Eli Lilly: 38,000 employees

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