Germany: Digitalization of Materials Business Thyssenkrupp Advances Digital Transformation

Editor: Alexander Stark

The Thyssenkrupp Group’s materials business is digitizing its entire range and consolidating it in what the company describes as the world’s biggest virtual warehouse.

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Omnichannel offers cross-channel access to wide spectrum of materials and services for 250,000 customers worldwide.
Omnichannel offers cross-channel access to wide spectrum of materials and services for 250,000 customers worldwide.
(Source: thyssenkrupp)

Essen/Germany — The company offers round-the-clock access to more than 150,000 products and services through its new omnichannel structure, enabled by a self-developed AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution.

Hans-Josef Hoss from the Board of Thyssenkrupp Materials Services stated that omnichannel was the result of the company's holistic approach in the digital transformation of their business model. By digitally connecting their global inventories they could offer their customers the widest possible selection of our various materials and services and optimum availability 24/7.

Hoss added that customers increasingly wanted the ability to order products and services however and above all whenever they need them. Omnichannel would guarantee direct access to the company and the products — anytime and anywhere.

At Thyssenkrupp Materials Services customers can place orders via individual customer portals, EDI interfaces, online shops and in the future also via external platforms. To this end, the company digitizes all items and offer information in real time. "Whether it’s just-in-time or just-in-sequence, customers will be able to order in line with their needs using the channel that’s most convenient to them. That’s the basis for increasingly smart interaction in the future,” says Axel Berger, Head of Digital Transformation at Thyssenkrupp

A new B2B portal as part of the omnichannel approach is already in use. It will go live in summer 2018.

Last year, the company started to connect all its machinery with toii, an in-house development that allows machines of different types and ages to communicate with each other on a worldwide basis. In combination with the omnichannel approach this is leading to significantly faster and simpler coordination and planning processes, the company claims.

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