Level Measurement

The New Simplicity: Guided Radar for Level Measurement

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Detecting Echo Movement

The intelligent algorithms also play a part in the higher reliability of the signal processing. To put it more graphically: previously, during signal detection and analysis, the largest echo usually won out. But such echoes might be caused by struts in the container or product buildup. Vegaflex 82 works differently, it creates an echo profile from the moment it starts operating.

It then uses this history to analyse and make the correct echo decision. It rates moving echoes higher than static signals that always occur in the same place. For the sensor, a moving signal that fits the echo history is much more likely to be the level echo than other signals. Intelligent motion detection thus effectively increases measurement reliability, resulting in continuous and maintenance-free operation.


High precision is also required for troubleshooting. The more accurate the information available to the technician or maintenance personnel is, the faster the instrument can be up and running and the plant operating at optimum level again. Many asset management functions, whether for preventive maintenance or immediate corrective action, have been implemented in the new series.

These are for example; the status messages according to NE 107 or VDI/VDE 2650, the plaintext display of device status, the documentation in the integrated event memory with real-time stamp, as well as the indication of measurement certainty and electronics temperature. All events, whether malfunctions or status and parameter changes, are logged in the sensor. Within seconds, the entire instrument history with real-time stamp is available to the technician for fast and reliable diagnosis. Malfunctions can thus be remedied quickly and the process brought back to normal operation in record time.


Thanks to intelligent algorithms and software, Vegaflex 82 scores highly in applications where measurement was previously very difficult, such as plastics with low dielectric constant. But even in standard applications, the new generation of level and interface transmitters delivers a convincing performance due to its simplicity, menu-driven setup and reliable data acquisition.

* The author is Product Manager at Vega Grieshaber KG, Schiltach.