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The Best of Both Worlds: GEA Looks Back on Successful Business in China's Pharmaceutical Industry

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Since 2010, the company could quadruple its turnover and expand its customer base to include the top-end customers that require leading technology and also provide the economy necessary for those that do not have such critical requirements.

Although the Chinese boom has recently slowed down, both Jinbin Tang and Heinrich Meintrup are optimistic about the outlook in China. “We expect another big jump this and next year because of the new GMP regulations,” said Jinbin Tang. “Beyond that we still expect above average growth from the pharmaceutical sector.”

Modular Freeze Dryers for Pharmaceutical Industry

Especially GEA Lyophil's range of price competitive pharmaceutical freeze dryers Smart Lyo proved to be popular in China, the company says. Smart Lyo is based on modular units that have been made using proven technology and our excellent China manufacturing skills and techniques. This approach can help to keep costs down without compromising quality, performance or system architecture, makes validation and documentation easier and can reduce delivery times, the manufacturer belives.