USA: 4-Million-Dollar Investment Teijin to Expand Aerospace Carbon Fiber Prepreg Production

Editor: Ahlam Rais

With an investment of 4-million-dollars, Teijin has plans to boost its highly heat-resistant carbon fiber prepreg production for aerospace applications in the USA by 2.5 times. The move is expected to meet the global market demands of high-performance materials used in the production of advanced aerospace solutions and industrial applications.

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Headquarters of Renegade Materials Corporation.
Headquarters of Renegade Materials Corporation.
(Source: Teijin)

Tokyo/Japan – Teijin has recently announced that its carbon fiber subsidiary Renegade Materials Corporation, a leading U.S.-based supplier of highly heat resistant thermoset prepregs, resins and adhesives for the aerospace industry, will expand its prepreg production by 2.5 times approximately. The increased capacity, which aligns with Renegade’s capacity expansion strategy at the Miamisburg, Ohio location, is the result of a 4-million-dollar investment made in December 2019 and the construction was started in March 2020. Operation of the new production lines will commence January 2022.

Renegade holds expertise in the production of both high heat-resistant RTM resins and adhesives from low toxicity materials as well as in unique thermal-cycle resistant prepregs. The company’s proprietary heat-resistant thermoset prepregs are being utilized in the manufacture of next-generation aircraft. By boosting its prepreg capacity, the company is prioritizing the use of high-performance materials in the production of advanced aerospace solutions and industrial applications to meet diverse demands in the global market.