Cumene Technology License Technology License for Chinese Grassroots Cumene Project

Editor: Dominik Stephan

A new 360,000 tons/year cumene production plant project in shanghai will use proprietary technology from Badger Licensing: Cepsa Chemical Shanghai selected Badger to provide proprietary technology for the grassroots plant in Shanghai.

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Technology license deal for Badger in China
Technology license deal for Badger in China
(Picture: Process)

Shanghai/PR China – The new cumene plant will be integrated with Cepsa's phenol plant also being constructed at the same site. Badger's contract also includes technology license, process design and start-up services. “Cepsa is one of the largest producers of cumene and phenol in the world,” said Stuart Agler, president of Badger. “This is the third time they have chosen Badger’s proprietary cumene technology, for a total of over 1 million tons of cumene production.”

Cumene is a precursor to the production of phenol, phenolic resins, bisphenol A, epoxy resins and polycarbonate. Nearly 10 million metric tons of cumene capacity has been licensed by Badger since the technology was introduced in 1995.