Technology to Counter the Energy Challenge

Studies put Focus on Gear Technology to Fight Exploding Energy Bills

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Geared Motors for Better Efficiency

Geared motors have attracted the interest of the process industry, especially in Greenfield projects. Geared motors come with an advantage of being energy-efficient with minimal power loss, simple design, easy installation and compactly sized. In addition, geared motors with aluminum construction body are being highly preferred for small- to medium-sized applications to reduce the overall weight of the OEM equipment.

Inception of conditional monitoring Gearboxes and geared motors are processcritical equipment. Process industry cannot afford unexpected downtime, as it would disrupt the manufacturing process incurring heavy loss to the organization and threatening workforce safety. Hence, it is increasingly adopting predictive maintenance to assist in early detection of failures to avoid costly downtime. Conditional monitoring systems are employed to maximize the availability and efficiency of gear units and ensure safety in a process plant, consequently optimizing production.


Integrate to Reduce Cost

Geared motors with integrated variable frequency drive are set to gain importance in the near future with increase in automation and start/stop cycling applications in the Indian process industry. This integrated solution enables finetuning of speed and adjustable starting torques and enhances process efficiency. Adopting right strategies such as those mentioned here will go a long way in ensuring energy efficiency in the industry.