Modular Belt Conveyor System Speed up Planning and Installation with Modular Belt Conveyor Systems

Author / Editor: Marcel Dröttboom * / Marcel Dröttboom

Based on their experience in mining and tunnelling, H+E Logistik developed a new belt conveyor system. Key feature of the “H+E.industrial“ system is a flexible modular design that allows fast planning and smooth installation even in areas with limited space.

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Fig. 1: Modular belt conveyor systems enable fast installation and dismantling and also increase reusability of components for temporary projects.
Fig. 1: Modular belt conveyor systems enable fast installation and dismantling and also increase reusability of components for temporary projects.
(Picture: H+E Logistik GmbH)

Belt conveyor systems for underground mining, tunnelling and construction works are characterised by their high flexibility regarding routing and conveying distance as well as easy and fast installation and dismantling. Especially for tunnelling projects, which are temporary by nature, quick installation, removal, and none the less, reusability is of high importance. Certainly, one of the most appropriate approach to reach these goals is a modular system design.

As part of the Herrenknecht Group, a leading manufacturer of tunnel boring machines, H+E Logistik GmbH, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, has gathered a wealth of experience in the design, construction and operation of belt conveyor systems for tunnelling and mining projects worldwide. Tunnelling projects that used belt conveyor systems by H+E Logistik include, for example, a high speed railway tunnel in Guadarrama, Spain, which used two conveyor systems with a length of 14 km, each, and a water tunnel project in Veligonda, India, for which the company delivered a conveyor system of 17 km length.


A Modular System

Based on their extensive experience in mining and tunnelling, H+E Logistik has now introduced a new modular conveyor belt system for general bulk materials handling applications which offers flexible, individual and efficient solutions. In addition, the company also founded the new division “industrial” to cover the bulk materials handling area and which is in charge for all aspects related to the product.

As stated above, the key feature of the new system is its modular concept. It enables the three components of the conveying system – the drive, bridge and reverse modules – not only to be combined with each other but also to be expanded to conform precisely to the requirements of the situation. “This guarantees fast planning and smooth installation of the system,” explains Dirk Huesmann, managing director of H+E Logistik.

The qualified engineer went on to say that the system would even be suitable for use in areas where space is limited and would contribute to the efficiency of separation and processing systems as well as gravel and cement works by conveying large quantities of up to 2000 t/h. “With different motor power ratings and belt widths, we can put together the perfect system for any situation. Of course, we also construct special systems for every distance and conveying capacity.” With the aim of achieving optimal flexibility, H+E has also devised the telescopic pillars that support the belt system. They come in seven standard heights and can be optimally adjusted to suit local conditions.