Polyethers Capacity Increase Solvay Increases Polyether Production Capacity in Italy

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Solvay announced plans to increase it's speciality polymer production capacity in Spinetta Marengo, Italy. The Belgians plan to invest around US $ 15 million for the production lines of two of the companies perfluoropolyethers (PFPE), marketed as Fomblin-Y and Galden.

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(Picture: Solvay)
(Picture: Solvay)

Brussels/Belgium – Exppansion works at Solvay's Italian sites are expected to be finished by 2012. According to Solvay officials the company tries to cater a growing demand for these products that are mainly used as heat-transfer fluids or for industrial lubrication.

"This capacity expansion will give us the opportunity to continue keeping track of the growing global demand for our high value-added products. Having excellent sustainability profiles, these product families help our customers meet the evermore demanding requirements and will enable Solvay to continue its sustainable and profitable growth," says Augusto Di Donfrancesco, Senior Executive Vice President and General Manager of Solvay's Global Business Unit Specialty Polymers.