Mobile Plant Maintenance

Smart Solutions Trend: Plant Maintenance Goes Mobile with Industry 4.0

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He also pointed out that the impression made on customers should not be underestimated: Workers who use a tablet to verify every task are likely to undermine customer confidence and ultimately reduce willingness to pay.

How to Turn Mobile Solutions into Profits

Data exchange and intelligent field devices could potentially expose companies to cyber-attacks, sabotage and industrial espionage. In addition, the new transparency could generate resistance within the company. If equipment operation and maintenance is primarily based on experience and gut feel, applications running on the network could expose undetected weaknesses. This in turn often leads to mutual accusations or denial, which is not constructive.

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The only viable option is to look forward, argues Sahl. Analyzing weaknesses, identifying and exploiting change potential and verifying that changes have produced a successful outcome must be included in the company checklist. “It's then that you can really start to count the money.”

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