Jacketed Reactor Small Scale Jacketed Reactor for Laboratory Use

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

Syrris, a worldwide provider of lab scale chemistry systems, recently announced the launch of the Globe jacketed reactor platform. One of the aims of the system design was to offer the user reaction flexibility

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The Globe jacketed reactor system by English manufacturer Syrris. (Picture: Syrris)
The Globe jacketed reactor system by English manufacturer Syrris. (Picture: Syrris)

Vessels from 50 mL to 5 L can be applied, using a common clamp, lid, circulator and stand. Furthermore, the oil drain unit and quick clamp allow fast, single handed vessel changes, increasing efficiency and throughput. Operating temperature ranges from -90 to +250 ºC with a pressure-tolerance from 50 mbar to three bar. The Globe can be upgraded to a fully-automated system, using the Globe Reactor Master for automation and data logging or the Syringe Pump for automated reagent dosing. Additionally, the Globe Master PC software converts the system into a fully controllable laboratory reactor.

Using the same vessels as the Syrris Atlas jacketed reactors, the spring loaded outlet valve reduces the occurrence of leaks, even high temperature or pressure. The reactors are available as single or vacuum jacketed units, offering temperature control and safety with a wide range of stirring options. A newly designed stirrer seal and guide allow a quick and independent connection to the stirrer motor or shaft, providing a chemically resistant, vacuum tight seal.

Globe is designed with a default temperature range of -40 to +200 ºC, which is further extendable via the addition of temperature upgrade kits. In-reactor temperature probes enable accurate temperature control throughout the whole process. The regular Globe system is suited to atmospheric pressure or vacuum processes as low as 50 mbar, while the Globe 3 bar system is specially designed for high pressure reactions.