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Silver and H2O2 – Agents for Food Hygiene

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A brief list of the properties of Virosil, which make it an eco-friendly formulation includes: it can be used universally, its LD50 value is greater than 2000 mg/kg. of animal weight, it offers rapid sterilization or disinfection, it does not form chemical compounds with other basic elements.

Also, Virosil causes no irritation to skin or eyes, the revolutionary disinfectant causes no alteration to taste of food and substances, it remains effective even at high water temperatures, it offers non-pollution and biodegradable properties, it has neutral pH, it is noncarcinogenic and non-mutagenic, it is odourfree, it shows good stability in storage, it gives a long lasting effect and so far no toxic effect has been reported.


Germicidal Effect of Virosil

The complex Virosil was tested for its biocidal activity, and was found to be effective against – bacteriophages, viruses, sporebearing bacteria, yeasts, fungi, mycoderms, amoeba, gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Also, it is effective on HIV, hepatitis hegionella, meningococci, polio-myelitis virus, cholera bacillus and yersinia pestis (plague bacillus) in prescribed dosages.

Applications in Food Hygiene

Virosil finds wide applications in the food and food processing industries. It can be used to remove and kill contaminants found in industrial environments. Some of its typical application areas (industry segment wise) are –

  • Beverage industries: Mineral water factories; Breweries; Juice factories and Soft drink bottling plants,
  • Food industries: Canning factories; Sea food & fisheries; Meat & meat processing; Essence manufacturing; Edible oil & margarine factories, Bakeries, Poultry products and Slaughter houses & abbatoirs,
  • Dairies: Milk packaging factories; Automatic vending machines; Milk powder & Condensed milk factories; Cheese & butter production and Ice cream manufacturing units,
  • Drinking water: General disinfection of drinking water; Cisterns; Containers; Pipes; Wells and Long-term disinfection of emergency water reserves,
  • Animal farms: Poultry farms; Cattle farms; Fish docks and Aqua cultures,
  • Pharma and Chemical industries: Dental products; Mouthwash and Disinfectant materials, and in different areas of Water & waste water plants.

* The author is the CEO of Sanosil Biotech.