Siemens Plans to Put Focus on Platforms

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? Do you believe there is still much potential for a new Fieldbus applications?

Herweck: Without question.

? In your view, could process control systems come under pressure from de-centralised intelligence or modularisation?

Herweck: That always depends on the relevant application situation. Our control technology or DCS systems do of course generally meet all these fundamental challenges. With Comos and PCS 7, we are getting ready for modularisation and thus want to offer ultimately, via a web client, an integrated engineering approach based on modules and partial installations. The benefit here is that, having done the standardisation once, the engineering work is reduced in modularisation. In a hardwired arrangement, you have to do it all again every time.


? On what technologies will your primary focus be in the future?

Herweck: As previously mentioned, our primary focus will be on the platform technologies already named. In automation, with our Simatic PCS 7 control system, we have presented no less than 70 new developments in a current version update.

Here, our developers have provided more efficient engineering, operator-friendly working and enhanced performance – all points that our customers are looking for. We will naturally also push ahead with the topic of digitalisation. The third of our primary topics is the integrated drive train, where we have now also decided to make major investments.

? You worked in China and Korea for many years. Where do you see the differences comparing Asian end-customers with European or other users around the globe?

Herweck: There are of course differences. But I would not like to put these into stereotype categories. The differences are mainly more regional. An example: While a Chinese from the south may have his eye mainly on the costs, a Shanghai Chinese may focus more on the quality, and one from the north-east more on the personal relationship.

But, to make it clear, there are of course differences in mentality not only in China or Asia, but also worldwide, in all countries and regions. We at Siemens take care of each customer locally and completely individually.