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Milestones in Technical Gases Setting the Pace: A Technology Pioneer Steps on the Gas

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Ideas in technical gases don’t have to remain pipe dreams. When Carl von Linde invented his air separation process over a century ago, it marked the start of a success story that continues to this day. Technical gases revolutionized entire sectors, and continue to do so today. Just like Linde — the market leader in the gas industry who sets standards for these raw materials supplied in pressure cylinders …

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Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
(Source: Linde)

Technical gases are just as indispensable for industrial production processes as they are in medicine, food industries or metallurgical processes. Yet, these invisible facilitators from tanks, pressure cylinders or pipes are unimaginable without the achievements of one man: Carl von Linde. With his invention of an air separation process, the restless scientist laid the foundations for an unparalleled success story. Today, the company Linde continues to set new standards for gases — from pioneering benchmarks like the “Linde air” at the start of the 20th century via plant construction on large and small scales to trend topics like ultra-low temperature technologies or hydrogen for fuel cells, Linde is the pacemaker and trendsetter for an entire industry.

Selected Milestones in the History of Technical Gases:

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From the success of refrigeration machines through the production of valuable raw materials from nothing more than thin air to becoming one of the leading gas suppliers in Europe and the world: In Germany alone, some 150,000 customers rely on technical gases from the Munichbased market leader based for applications in welding, cooling, heating, industrial cleaning or laboratory analyses. But nobody has to make do with a “one-size-fits-all” solution: From 1-liter disposable bottles to a 75,000-liter tank, the specialists offer tailor-made gas supplies to their customers — and set new standards with decentralized on-site production.

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