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Saving up to 60% of Pressurized Air with in AODD Pumps

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Apart from the encouraging performance, the design could be kept relatively simple: “The design of the ADS doesn’t require any additional bolted-on equipment or bulky electronics, allowing operators to keep the same compact footprint,” Chris Distaso confirmed. The robust setup allows for a submerged operation or application in hazardous areas, including an ATEX compliance. Its fewer operating parts can help to reduce failures and downtimes, the manufacturer states. Not relying on electronics, it should be well suited for the harsh environments typically found in industrial applications. “There’s beauty in this simplicity”, Duncan states. The pump does not need to be calibrated with complicated flow curves, neither does it have a learning curve as a microcontroller setup would have. It’s a simple plug and pump solution.

New Pump Design reduces Air Consumption, Increases Service Life

And it performs too: In attesting scenario, the Pro–Flo Shift pump showed significant advantages other pump designs, even modern microcontrolled ones. And it works just as easy as common AODD pmps: “It works straight out of the box,” confirms Wilden engineer Carl Glauber. “No warm up and no learning period required.“ Plus, it can be retrofitted: The manufacturer works on retrofit kits for the ADS system of both its pumps as well as others of similar design. “The customer will not want to change his piping system”, Glauber states. Nor will he make allowances to a reduced flow rate. But a reduced air consumption as well as less pumps strokes, thus a longer service life of the pump, could be very attractive.


The Wilden Pro-Flo Shift is available in 38 mm (1-1/2”), 51 mm (2”), and 76 mm (3”) sizes and features maximum discharge pressures to 8.6 bar (125 psig), maximum flows to 923 lpm (243 gpm) and maximum solid-handling size to 13 mm (1/2”). The Pro-Flo Shift is available with maximum suction lifts to 7.2 m (23.8’) dry and 9.6 m (30.6’) wet.