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Safe Contract Manufacturing With Zero Contamination

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Challenging Markets

Evolving markets and more stringent regulatory requirements demand flexible solutions. This means that, during the development phase, questions are raised as to whether a containment system can keep up with demands. Glatt’s equipment completes Corden Pharma’s offering by adding small-scale processing capabilities (i.e. 10g to 1Kg) for the initial technical batches, allowing the pharmacists to work on early development projects with limited available toxicological information, and subsequently following the process through its development lifecycle and scale-up to support all activities related to development and commercial manufacturing in one facility, all while using the same or similar type of equipment technology, full data availability and process.

Glatt’s Lab Containment Technology cuts right to the chase by providing solutions to all three of the main important questions:

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  • How can the cleaning of the process equipment be made more efficient? By separating the technical module from the processing unit when only the processing units require cleaning.
  • How can the design be made more compact? The need for a small footprint which still allows the later installation of additional equipment was achieved by integrating smart removable process tables and a technical module which forms an integral part of the containment station’s design. How can the different containment levels be mastered? The necessary flexibility was achieved by making the configuration of Glatt’s containment station infrastructure as easy as possible.