The Netherlands: Polypropylene Production Sabic Starts-Up New PP-Line in the Netherlands

Editor: Alexander Stark

Sabic announced the start-up of its new Polypropylene (PP) extrusion facility in Geleen, The Netherlands.

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Sabic's new polypropylene extrusion line in Geleen, The Netherlands, is now on-stream.
Sabic's new polypropylene extrusion line in Geleen, The Netherlands, is now on-stream.
(Source: Sabic)

Geleen/The Netherlands —This new extrusion line adopts state-of-the-art process technology to produce PP products and the next generation PP copolymers and provides feedstock customers developing new lightweight applications in industries such as packaging, appliances, automotive, healthcare and help them reduce energy consumption in their process manufacturing.

Across industry, there is an increasing need for material solutions that are sustainable, cost-efficient and compliant with ever-tougher regulations. At the same time, they must provide increased process efficiency, while delivering improved functionality. “At SABIC, we are relentlessly pursuing cutting-edge technologies, both in production and new material development. Our new investment will open up opportunities to create more efficient, higher performing products that can generate sustainable solutions for us and for our customers’ long-term success,” said Lada Kurelec, Global Business Director Polypropylene at Sabic.

The new PP extrusion facility will be located next to the existing polymerization plant in Geleen where the company has a full-scale plant and the Global Technology Center for Europe. This new investment is an important step in growing and developing the company’s capabilities in the region, where the manufacturer has expertise in polyolefin developments from all aspects: catalyst, process, material and application.

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