Rubber Seals made from Bio–Based EPDM

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For all Keltan Eco types, the switch from the conventional Keltan grade to its bio-based counterpart Keltan Eco imposes no special requirements on users, except a decision to commit to more sustainable products, which perform exactly like their conventional counterparts. The bio-based ethylene contents can be verified by testing method ASTM D-6866.

Growing Interest for Sustainable Products

“Currently, six bio-based rubber polymers from LANXESS are available to the market,” says Martin Kleimeier, Marketing Manager for LANXESS business line Keltan Elastomers. “And interest for sustainable products in the industry is growing.”

For example, besides applications in fluid transport seals, Keltan Eco 6950 and Keltan Eco 9950 offer both a high molecular weight and a diene content of around nine percent, making them ideal for fabricating foamed sections for automotive body seals. Keltan Eco 5470 for example, as the high ethylene cont ent preference, is used for window profiles already and is under close evaluation for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE-V), artificial track and turf applications.

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