Rotary Valve Rotary Valves Updated and Standardized

Gea Nu-Con improved their rotary valves. The main areas of focus were the body casting, air service unit and the motor mounting system.

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The Gea Nu-Con range of Rotary Valves has been improved for 2013.
The Gea Nu-Con range of Rotary Valves has been improved for 2013.
(Picture: Gea Nu-Con)

The Gea Nu-con range of rotary valves has been improved. Focussing on the areas body casting, air service unit and motor mounting system, the company changed the machines in the following ways:

  • Air service units has been standardized. For example, the airline is coiled and no disconnection is required. It´s also rated to Atex Zone 22;
  • Motor sizes have been redu-ced;
  • The motor mounting plate has been rationalized to two variants which feature a bolted construction. Other Motor Mounting Improvements are a common mounting bracket across two valves, a stiffer design and access-way for easy cleaning;
  • Drive spockets are now manufactured out of plastic;
  • Body casting updated to standardize motor mount bracket bolting arrangements and to remove the Easy-Slide safety catch from the body.

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