Non-Contacting Radar Transmitter Radar Transmitter for Water and Process Industry Utility Applications

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Emerson has introduced the Rosemount 1208 Level and Flow Transmitter Series non-contacting radar transmitters to help increase the operational efficiency of water, wastewater and process industry utility applications.

The Rosemount 1208 Non-Contacting Level and Flow Transmitter Series provides accurate and reliable level measurement and open channel flow calculations.
The Rosemount 1208 Non-Contacting Level and Flow Transmitter Series provides accurate and reliable level measurement and open channel flow calculations.
(Source: Emerson)

The performance of the 1208 Series surpasses that of ultrasonic and hydrostatic devices by delivering reliable and accurate level and open channel flow measurements, enabling organisations to increase the efficiency of their operations and achieve environmental compliance.

Operators in the water and wastewater, food and beverage, chemical and other process industries often deploy ultrasonic and hydrostatic devices for water monitoring applications when radar transmitters are considered too expensive, bulky or complex. The Rosemount 1208 is a new alternative, featuring 80 GHz fast-sweep frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) technology on a single electronic chip, which delivers accurate and reliable measurement within a compact and cost-effective device ideal for applications with space constraints or compliance requirements, such as water applications.

Unlike ultrasonic and hydrostatic devices, the measurement accuracy and reliability of the Rosemount 1208 line is unaffected by most process conditions, including condensation and variations in pressure, temperature and density. By using fast-sweep FMCW technology and advanced algorithms, the new transmitter family can collect up to 40 times more information than legacy radar devices. This provides level measurement accuracy of ± 0.08” (2 mm) at a range of 49 ft (15 m), helping organisations optimise processes and comply with environmental requirements. In addition, the non-contacting design has no moving parts or calibration requirements, creating a virtually maintenance-free device that minimises manual procedures and delivers long-term performance and reliability.

The transmitter is available in two models, offering different communication protocols and approvals. The Rosemount 1208A is the first radar transmitter designed specifically for water and process industry utility applications to offer IO-Link connectivity as part of its hybrid communication options that also include three-wire 4-20 mA and switch outputs. IO-Link connectivity reduces installation complexity, enables simple integration into high-level automation networks, and provides access to process insights that can enhance operational performance. It further reduces complexity by enabling remote configuration and monitoring.

The Rosemount 1208C offers two-wire 4-20 mA and HART communication options, providing access to advanced diagnostics. This supports predictive maintenance and more effective troubleshooting, leading to reduced downtime and improved operational efficiency. Hazardous area approval enables use in areas where an explosive gas atmosphere could occur during normal operation.


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