Vacuum Dryer

Powdering While Drying

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Turnkey Plants

Italvacuum asserts to be the only manufacturer in the world capable of producing all the components needed for the Criox System and other vacuum dryers entirely in-house. These include the Saurus 939 range of vacuum pumps, an external filter for added safety, a condenser unit for solvent recovery, heating and cooling equipment, and a PLC–based control panel. The software, which complies with CFR 21 Part 11, ensures reproducible drying and interfaces with centralized control systems.

For drying trials on customers’ products, Italvacuum has a wide range of pilot installations for semi–industrial and laboratory tests. The pilot plants are designed so that product samples can be taken without breaking the vacuum, and the process parameters can be varied at any time. Each trial concludes with a detailed illustrated report containing all the data needed to ensure successful scale–up to production scale.


* * The author is Marketing Manager at Italvacuum, Borgaro (Turin), Italy.