Digital Plant Engineering

Plant Engineers Shake Hands with the Cyber–Age

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Bentley’s predictive analytics software was chosen as the operational intelligence platform due to its real-time ability to connect and capture data from a wide variety of sources, its ability to perform complicated calculations and analysis, and its impressive visualization capabilities. Bringing data from sensors, equipment and external sources together has resulted in huge benefits, including improved performance, enhanced understanding of interrelationships and better decision-making as well as more accurate predictions of short- and long-term demand.

We are witnessing an exciting convergence: The ability to work in a comprehensive modeling environment, leveraging technologies, and connecting with the Industrial Internet of Things through asset management and predictive analytics, gives companies the chance to converge their information, operational and engineering technology — and seamlessly integrate processes and information between them.


The next generation of engineers — digital natives — will no doubt find ways to exploit this convergence in unprecedented ways. But we can already realize immediate benefits today by using these technologies to make more informed decisions regarding when to repair, retire, or replace assets so that they are safer, more reliable and maximally efficient.

* * The authors are Chief Production Officer (Singh) and Global Marketing Director (Walters) at Bentley.