Pharmaceutical Packaging Pharmaceutical Packaging to Grow in Indonesia

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Growth expected on Indonesia's pharmaceutical market: Manufacturers of packaging solutions like glass specialist Schott present their portfolio at the recent Allpack in Jakarta/Indoneia. The recent trend towards social security and healthcare systems in Asia could offer pharmaceutical service providers and component suppliers new possibilities, company speakers believe...

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Production at Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging
Production at Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging
(Picture: Schott)

Jakarta/Indonesia – "The public promotion of social security systems for 240 million people from 2014 on will surely boost the demand for pharmaceutical products in Indonesia,” Gunawan Setokusumo, Regional Sales Director Asia of Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging. “Simultaneously, the quality demands for pharmaceutical suppliers as well as packaging solutions are rising.” A development that could offer new possibilities for packaging solution providers like Schott.

The German based speciality glass and packaging supplier has been manufacturing in Indonesia for 15 years now, speakers explain. The company runs South–East–Asia's biggest plant for pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions: The 850 million pieces/year production plant at Bekasi, based on state-of-the-art GMP practies and ISO certifications.

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