Investment Perstorp Plans to Invest in New Plant for Valeraldehyde and its Derivatives

Editor: Sonja Beyer

Since the market for a new plasticizer, DPHP, is increasingly strong, Perstorp plans to invest in new capacity for production of valeraldehyde and its derivatives.

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Perstorp/Sweden – Specialty chemicals company Perstorp’s investment in new capacity for production of valeraldehyde and its derivatives 2-PH alcohol and a new plasticizer, DPHP, has continued full support from the Group’s Board of Directors. The investment in this new capacity is one of the largest ever in the history of the company and the new production plant is to be built in Stenungsund on the west coast of Sweden at Perstorp’s current production site.

“This confirms our long-term commitment to this important industry sector. It is also a good example of our ambition to meet new demands on the market, combining cost-efficiency and environmental requirements”, Perstorp President and CEO Martin Lundin, comments.

A decision has been taken to synchronize the investment start up with the major raw material suppliers. It means the investment will be on stream 2014. The market for the new plasticizer, DPHP, is increasingly strong and the product has been well received by the market. DPHP is expected to be a key mainstream high molecular weight plasticizer, used in many different PVC applications.