Automation Omron Displays Automation Solutions

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Omron has showcased its innovative solutions at Automation-2015 going on at Mumbai from 24th to 27th August 2015. In a bid to put forth the ‘Total Omron Strength’, the booth displays all key exhibits of Omron being utilised across many industries in India.

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Omron Displays Automation Solutions
Omron Displays Automation Solutions
(Picture: Omron)

Mumbai/India - This includes Industrial Automation, Electronic & Mechanical Components and Automotive Electronic Components. The Industrial Automation corner showcases Omron’s prowess in helping the manufacturers develop better machines by contributing towards myriad important aspects such as quality, productivity, efficiency, accuracy, safety , energy saving, durability, to name just a few. It is an elaborative display of demos & solutions focusing on application, panel building, engineering services, vision & safety being utilised in automotive, FnB, Pharma and Packaging industries.

Ranging from the demos of Bottling Machine and Scara Robot to Panel Building, Lean Stream Xtream, FnB, Vision & Safety panels and NJ Demo kit, the display reiterates Omron’s strengths of being the complete solution provider for its customers in factory & industrial automation domain.

Commenting on Omron’s participation at the Automation 2015, Mr. Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, Omron Automation India, said, “Automation 2015 is an ideal platform to showcase our solutions for India. It helps us to reach out to the right audience and to fortify our positioning as a single source integrated automation solutions provider capable of meeting the most demanding manufacturing challenges.”