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Nothing Works Without the “Nothing”...

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Efficient Solution for Gas Analysis

A good example of the company's innovative strength is also its latest generation of gas analysis Omnistar and Thermostar. These analysis systems feature intelligent software and are compact and easy to operate. The complete solution is particularly well suited to gas analysis in chemical processes, in metallurgy, during fermentation, in catalytic processes, for freeze drying and for environmental analyses, as well as in many other applications relating to quality control. The new systems, which are significantly smaller, consist of a gas inlet system, the Prismapro mass spectrometer, the dry-compressing MVP diaphragm vacuum pump and the Hipace turbopump. The gas inlet is equipped with a capillary that can be heated to 350 °C; on the Omnistar it is made of stainless steel, on the Thermostar it is quartz glass. As a result, the condensation of vapors during process gas analysis is prevented. Thanks to the two-stage inlet system, gas supply is possible with virtually no demixing. One particular focus of the developers was on the software PV Massspec, with which complete measurement processes can be replicated — a milestone in process monitoring.


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How Well does your Leak-tight Packaging Seal?

Ingress of moisture, oxygen or microbiological substances can significantly damage the drug quality of medicines during the service life of the product. In order to prevent the risk of any impact on the stability of medicines that are particularly sensitive to moisture and to avoid the risk of the ingress of biological substances into parenteral drugs, high-sensitivity integrity tests are essential. This normally involves a great deal of time, high complexity and limitations in terms of sensitivity and measuring range. But in the pharmaceutical and food industries, the area of CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Testing) in particular has been revolutionized by the AMI 1000. No special test gas is required for the patented OES (optical emission spectroscopy) method. Instead, the gas mixture present in the cavity of the primary packaging is used. The multi-gas sensor detects different gases like argon and nitrogen as well as moisture etc. The devices are non-destructive, deterministic (i.e. operator-independent) and very easy to operate. For this reason, they are often used as in-process controls that accompany production for leak testing of blister packaging or plastic bottles. The advantage is that this allows the test cycle to be automated. On top of this, it is also possible to create trend analyses, which allows problems in production to be detected at a very early stage.

From Wetzlar Into Orbit: Milestones of a Vacuum Specialist

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Focusing on Energy Efficiency and Digitalization

Here are just a few examples of the work currently being carried out by the vacuum specialists at Pfeiffer Vacuum. “We are constantly investigating new ways to make processes better,” explains Bremer, offering the topics of energy efficiency and digitalization as just two examples. “However, the fact that more frequency-controlled pumps are used here also opens up advantages for the process itself, as the pumps can be used more flexibly.”

The topic of digitalization has now become much more important. “Our focus is on the applications of our customers. After all, the customer is at the heart of what we do. We always need more and more data so that we can understand their processes even better. And we have to take this into account, both in terms of the integrated hardware and the software. We are reviewing our internal processes accordingly,” explains Bremer. In the process, it is also important to see what new findings can be generated from the data so that users can respond faster to faults and optimize their processes. Pfeiffer Vacuum is perfectly set up for the challenges of Industry 4.0, and the future looks bright — a future in which the following statement still holds true: “Nothing works without the ´nothing´! ...”

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Editorial Statement: It’s all Down to Incandescent Lamps ...

Dr. Jörg Kempf, Editor-in-Chief PROCESS
Dr. Jörg Kempf, Editor-in-Chief PROCESS
( Source: PROCESS )

What? Why are we suddenly talking about incandescent lamps? This answer is simple. Company founder Arthur Pfeiffer initially positioned his company as an established name in the production of remote gas igniters. Once electric bulbs started to take over the world, the company realigned itself with this innovative lighting technology and the associated vacuum technology solutions. Over the course of the years, the pioneer recognized the constantly growing importance of vacuum technology and shifted the core activities of the company accordingly. Pfeiffer Vacuum has shaped the world of vacuum technology in the following decades, and continues to do so to this day. For research, for numerous industrial processes and, finally, also for many of the small and not-so-small conveniences of modern living, it is fair to say that nothing works without the “nothing” of a vacuum. And only the inventive spirit of Pfeiffer Vacuum makes it possible!

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