Next-Gen Solutions New Virtual Valve Repair Service offers Efficient, Immediate Support

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Emerson has recently announced its new Remote Assistance service capability to help plant operators immediately respond to industrial valve issues by using augmented reality (AR) technology. The AR technology uses a robust, secure channel certified as ISO 27001-compliant.

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Emerson experts support valve maintenance virtually via augmented reality technology.
Emerson experts support valve maintenance virtually via augmented reality technology.
(Source: Emerson)

Valve repairs are advised and guided by the company experts as part of the firm’s expanding Connected Services portfolio in its Plantweb digital ecosystem. Using a mobile device, plant personnel can securely share their field of view through the AR software as company valve experts help troubleshoot and solve valve problems. Step-by-step instructions are overlaid in the field-user’s application to support installation, calibration or repair actions, states the firm.

Valves play a key role in reducing variability and increasing reliability in production because they touch so many areas of operations. In any given process facility, there could be hundreds to thousands of valves in operation. Depending on the criticality and the application, the maintenance plans could vary from daily monitoring to less-frequent inspections and repairs. Ensuring valves meet operational standards requires detailed record-keeping and right-skilled talent to oversee the repair.

Real-time video communication enables users to resolve issues faster and minimise instruction errors that often occur with audio-only support while eliminating travel time and the cost of getting technicians to the work site. In addition, operators can expand their in-house knowledge base and staff skillsets through on-the-job troubleshooting guidance and recommendations to remediate issues, up to and including oversight of the final repair.

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The company’s customers are supporting critical infrastructure through the global health crisis that everyone is experiencing, but they still encounter issues where they need outside help. The firm is able to continue its promise of support while protecting essential on-site staff and technicians through the use of this technology, adds the firm.

The Remote Assistance service is available for Emerson valve, actuator and regulator product portfolios – and in some instances can cover non-Emerson products, as some of the company’s technicians have extensive backgrounds in repairing products from other manufacturers.

Plantweb leverages IIoT technologies, software and services to expand digital intelligence throughout a workforce, enhancing workflows and processes to provide personnel with the insights needed to accelerate performance improvement, concludes the firm.