Next-Gen Solutions New Virtual Reality Simulation Improves Workforce Safety and Speeds Training

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Expanded digital twin portfolio accelerates workforce upskilling to improve operator response time while reducing risk.

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Using a plant’s existing CAD drawings, Mimic Field 3D builds a virtual reality digital twin of the site.
Using a plant’s existing CAD drawings, Mimic Field 3D builds a virtual reality digital twin of the site.
(Source: Emerson)

Emerson recently announced Mimic Field 3D, an immersive training experience designed to help new and incoming workers gain a deep understanding of how changes in the field impact industrial plant processes. This virtual reality-based (VR) solution gives personnel simulated hands-on experience to prepare for any plant event, helping them make better decisions regarding operating changes and practise proper procedures before entering potentially hazardous plant areas, states the company.

In the coming decade, experts estimate there will be more than 2.5 million skilled jobs that go unfilled in the United States. There’s a clear need for organisations to seek innovative technology solutions to address this talent shortage quickly through innovative augmented reality and VR solutions like Mimic Field 3D, adds the firm. In fact, a recent survey found that 66 % of companies plan to adopt these technologies by 2022.

Field operators typically train on physical equipment, which adds risks and costs, particularly during some of the plant’s most critical phases – start-ups, shutdowns, turnarounds and outages. Many organisations are seeking technology solutions to rapidly upskill new workers for high performance in the shortest amount of time.

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The company’s digital twin portfolio is changing how it prepares the future workforce. According to the firm, the industry will become increasingly reliant on VR tools like these to address the growing skills gap and improve training effectiveness. The advanced technology enhances training by offering a hands-on experience, which ultimately improves the safety of workers.

This effort supports the company’s larger digital transformation initiative that provides software, data analytics, automation technologies, smart sensor and consulting services to help customers achieve Top Quartile performance – meeting performance metrics within the top 25 % of peer companies. As part of the firm’s Plantweb digital ecosystem, the new VR-based solution empowers new workers to acquire knowledge and experience at a faster pace as they learn from each immersive experience, enhancing safety and overall operational performance, concludes the firm.