Innovations New Standards for Sustainable Materials in Horizontal Flow Wrapping

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Syntegon Technology, formerly Bosch Packaging Technology, has introduced two innovations, including its ‘paper-On-form’ upgrade kit for horizontal flow wrapping machines to form cold-sealable barrier paper. The solution was engineered in the company’s own development center in Beringen, Switzerland, and consists of a patented flow-wrap forming unit and sealing jaws for paper cold-sealing applications.

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As a systems provider, Syntegon Technology focuses on the entire packaging process to make sure that the paper flow wrap is carefully handled on its way to secondary and transport packaging.
As a systems provider, Syntegon Technology focuses on the entire packaging process to make sure that the paper flow wrap is carefully handled on its way to secondary and transport packaging.
(Source: Syntegon Technology)

The new kit is already being used on existing lines from international manufacturers for packaging chocolate bars in paper. The firm has also introduced an extended stroke length for Amplified Heat Sealing (AHS) applications on new horizontal flow wrappers. The innovation helps to optimise the thermal heat input and enables faster processing of monomaterials, states the company.

“Sustainable paper and mono-material packaging is trending. As an innovation leader we act in a future-oriented, sustainable way. Our upgrade kit allows customers to transition to sustainable packaging materials like cold-sealable paper on their existing horizontal flow wrapping machines – without any restrictions regarding speed or format,” says Christoph Langohr, Project Manager of Sustainability Horizontal Packaging at Syntegon Technology.

Revolutionary Paper Packaging

The patented forming unit shapes paper without creasing or tearing it, and the customised cold sealing jaws gently create the sealing seams.

Enhanced Flexibility

“The ‘paper-On-form’ upgrade kit can be used for different types of paper as well as for conventional packaging materials, which makes it possible to gradually switch to paper,” Langohr further explains. The forming unit and sealing jaws are pre-configured by the company’s experts based on the desired pack size and the material characteristics before being installed on existing Syntegon Technology machines, such as the Sigpack or Pack Series flow wrappers, adds the firm.

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Amplified Heat Sealing with Extended Stroke Length

Amplified Heat Sealing (AHS) technology with linear drive was first introduced in 2017. By superimposing the rotational movement of the sealing tools on the linear movement of the transverse sealing station, the heat input into the packaging material can be increased, which allows for an optimal sealing quality.

The firm will be unveiling the new AHS soon. Since monomaterials often consist of a more temperature-sensitive outer layer than composite films, it can easily lead to faulty sealing seams. The AHS technology ensures an accurate heat input, which makes it easier to process delicate monomaterials for products such as cookies and crackers, mentions the company.

Holistic Approach: Focusing on the Packaging Process

Wrapping products in paper requires particularly gentle handling in the subsequent packaging processes to avoid tears in the paper and to maintain the material’s protective barrier properties. As a systems provider, the firm offers everything from primary and secondary packaging to transport packaging, ensuring a holisitic, sustainable approach to customer’s packaging requirements. In addition to the company’s large portfolio, they also offer comprehensive services such as preventive maintenance and spare parts management.

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