Robot Palletizer New Robot Palletizer by ABB Offers 450kg Payload at 880 Cycles per Hour

| Editor: Dominik Stephan

ABB presented the new IRB 760 at the Interpack tradefair which the company claims to be the strongest full-layer robot palletizer. The IRB 760 provides a payload capacity of 450 kg, a reach of 3.2 meters and up to 880 cycles per hour at full load (400 mm, 2000 mm, 400 mm cycle). Thus, the four-axis palletizing robot can rotate big and heavy products with a position repeatability of 0.05 mm.

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ABB's new robot palletizer IRB 760, offering 450 kg payload and up 880 cycles per hour (Picture: ABB)
ABB's new robot palletizer IRB 760, offering 450 kg payload and up 880 cycles per hour (Picture: ABB)

ABB's new palletizer can be programmed with the new RobotStudio Palletizing PowerPac software to make programming easy and less time-consuming. “Due to the fact, that robot programming becomes more and more complex, this software is a real revolution,” explains Klas Bengtsson, Product Manager at ABB Robotics. The software runs on a regular PCs and allows its users to virtually execute simulations of complete palletizing installations as well as to create own programmes without disrupting the operation of the running system. The available program information, functions and modules shall help even inexperienced users to achieve professional results. During palletizing, the robot palletizer uses the software functions QuickMove and TrueMove, which ensure smooth robot movements and high path accuracy. Therefore, the robot handles also highly sensitive products with the care and without any losses in cycle time.

ABB’s warranty package RoboCare offers a three-year materials defect liability ensuring operation at fixed costs. The package includes ABB’s service ARD (Advanced Remote Diagnostics), which enables service experts to remotly monitor the robot and its technical life cycle. Thus, they can give due notice before parts wear out or errors occur which could cause malfunctioning.

According to ABB, the combination of the IRB 760 robbot palletizer and the RobotStudio software is the fastest full-layer palletizing system currently available. It provides high path accuracy as well as fast and safe handling of heavy products and can easily be integrated in existing packaging lines, the company says. The new palletizing products are fully supported by the ABB Robotics global sales and service organization in 53 countries and over 100 locations.