Latex Plant Expansion in China New Reactor for Styron's Latex Chinese Site

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Plastics and rubbers specialist Styron plans a capacity expansion at its site in Zhangjiagang, PR China: The company plans the construction of a new reactor to produce latex for the regional paper and paperboard industry.

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Latex is a major product of Styron's site at Zhangjiagang, PR China
Latex is a major product of Styron's site at Zhangjiagang, PR China
(Picture: Styron)

Zhangjiagang/PR China – “The paper and paperboard industries have been using Styron’s latex chemistries for innovative binder coatings for more than 60 years,” said, James Mingyu Ni, Styron Latex Business Director for Asia Pacific.

“This investment at Zhangjiagang will allow us to expand our reach in the Chinese marketplace where we have built a reputation for outstanding technical service and product quality. In the past five years, Styron has been involved in the startup of 80 percent of the new coated paper and board mills in China, helping our customers determine optimal product formulations for their paper coating challenges. We look forward to continuing to provide this support to the growing market.”

Fourth Latex Reactor to Be Build at Zhangjiagang

The new reactor, expected to commence production in the second quarter of 2015, will be Styron’s fourth unit of its kind at Zhangjiagang. It will serve mainly the paper and paperboard and also carpet industries, and complement Styron’s other latex production facilities in the Asia Pacific region in Korea and Indonesia.

Situated at the East China sea North-West of Shanghai, Zhangjiagang is ideally suited to support regional industries in Asia–Pacific, Styron says. The company has been operating latex plants on this site for many years, and will continue to benefit from its strategic location, local resources, employees and community support.

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