Fluorine Gas New On–Site Fluorine Gas Production

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Solvay tests a new fluorine gas production method in Korea. The Belgium based chemical company sees great potentials for fluorine as an economical and ecological alternative to nitrogen trifluoride for the semiconductor industry.

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(Picture: Solvay)
(Picture: Solvay)

Brusseles/Belgium – Belgium based Solvay recently announced the test of a new on-site electronic grade fluorine gas (F2) production unit at its industrial site in Onsan, Korea. According to Solvay, the new unit includes a 100 tons/year electronic grade fluorine production, which shall manufacturers help to cut both cost and greenhouse–gas emissions. With its modular design the unit can easily be customised for the individual needs of a customer, Solvay says.

“With this breakthrough technology we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions whatever their needs,” says Bernd Wilkes, Senior Executive Vice President of Solvay's Global Business Unit Special Chemicals. “This proprietary technology combines significant advantages for the environment with clear productivity improvements and cost savings for the customers, which brings Solvay once again a step closer to becoming a global leader in sustainable chemistry,” he adds.

Fluorine is used for instance to replace nitrogen trifluoride gas (NF3, a greenhouse gas 17,000 times more potent than CO2) as cleaning gas in the photovoltaic, semiconductor and display industry. Solvay also underlines that replacing NF3 with fluorine gas decreases both the consumed gas volume and the cleaning time, which both enable the customers to increase productivity.