Tablet Film Coating New Light Series for Cost-Efficient Coating

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Three years after launching the laboratory coater LC Lab, Lödige Process Technology is now expanding its coater portfolio with a completely new series. With its standardised design, the newly developed LC light series product range is an attractively priced alternative to the customised machines of the existing series.

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Lödige Process Technology presents a new coater series as an attractively priced alternative.
Lödige Process Technology presents a new coater series as an attractively priced alternative.
(Source: Lödige)

The new development is a state-of-the-art film coater from the firm’s German production. However, the machine’s special feature is its consistent focus on standardised functionality. That means: no work is required for designing and programming a customised solution, states the company. This leads to a significant cost advantage over the firm’s customised special machine designs. The company will transfer the lower costs to their customers in the form of an approximately 40 per cent reduction in price, adds the firm. A second advantage is the reduction in delivery times for the light series.

The cost-efficient, standardised new coater model will offer all the key advantages of the light series: The series is distinguished, for instance, by its innovative air guiding system, the high-quality nozzles of the manufacturer Düsen-Schlick and an innovative nozzle arm concept for spray coating. According to the company, this permits perfect adaptation of the nozzle position to the tablet bed. In particular, the innovative technology makes it possible to simply adjust the spraying distance and angle at any time to achieve the perfect result.

Specialist Book „Heat Transfer Technique“The comprehensive standard work „Heat Transfer Technique“ offers not only a detailed and well-founded presentation of the basics of heat transfer technique, but also shows the latest state of the art and the latest regulations in the use of organic fluids. Thematically, the book is rounded off with an overview of property data of organic heat transfer fluids as well as many use cases from practical experience.

The ideal arrangement of nozzles ensures a much faster process than in comparable coaters, mentions the firm. Unlike conventional coating procedures, this process involves air being applied through a distributor pipe and flowing around the coater drum, with air entering the drum along a large circumference. This innovative air guiding system creates an even, low-turbulence air flow in the coater, thereby reliably ensuring optimum coating results and high efficiency. It also reliably prevents contamination in the coater interior, on the nozzles or on the nozzle arm, concludes the company.

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