Feeder Controllers New Control Technology brings Greater Process Efficiency

Editor: Ahlam Rais

Coperion K-Tron has introduced its latest generation of the time-tested KCM feeder controller. The newly redesigned KCM-III has a variety of new features, including a larger 5-inch LCD screen with an improved user interface, context-sensitive help, stainless steel enclosure, and built-in Ethernet capability with optional Wi-Fi.

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The newly redesigned KCM-III controller offers a variety of user-friendly features and improved feeding accuracy.
The newly redesigned KCM-III controller offers a variety of user-friendly features and improved feeding accuracy.
(Source: Coperion K-Tron (Switzerland))

With Ethernet capability (wired or wireless), the KCM-III can be accessed via a user-friendly feeder web page that includes a full feature user interface. In addition, the latest generation of controllers is ready for Internet 4.0 functions such as predictive maintenance, electronic service options, overall equipment effectiveness, outlier detection, machine optimisation and much more.

The new controller combines the motor drive and control modules of a feeder and its ancillary components into one component and is generally mounted directly at the feeder, pre-wired and pre-tested at the factory. All motor setup, diagnostics, and operator interface functions are integrated into the user interface of the new controller. Each controller includes a complete software package to support a wide variety of application types, both batch and continuous, from loss-in-weight feeders to weigh belt feeders to Smart Flow Meters. The new controller is rated for Atex 3D environments and listed for Nec Class II Division 2 hazardous areas, states the company.

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The controller also features a completely new, powerful CPU with extended memory to allow for the storage of more log and event files, trace and process data. Seven days of traceability are included as standard but extended traceability is available as part of an optional software bundle. According to the firm, improved control algorithms provide faster communication with the feeder drive, weighing system, and auxiliary equipment and result in more precise control of the system.

In combination with the company’s latest generation of SFT (Smart Force Transducer) load cells (released in 2019) the new controller offers a significantly higher weighing resolution – 8,000,000:1 in 20 ms. Together this results in better short-term feeding accuracy as the controller reacts quickly to changes in the system, mentions the company.