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Milestones in Valve Technology/Fluid Control More than Solenoid Valves: Bürkert Keeps Processes Flowing

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Be it individual valves or entire valve islands, revolutionary flow meters or flexible platforms for networking — Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has been keeping media, processes and ideas flowing for over 70 years. How do they do that? At the company's headquarters in Ingelfingen, Germany, one is certain that the key to success is to make sure to never lose sight of the requirements of plant operators …

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Discover the pioneers and trendsetters in the process industry with PROCESS.
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Everything flows: No matter, if solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, process valves or valve islands, revolutionary sensor concepts or platform technologies for fluid processes are involved — Wherever fluids flow, Bürkert is not far

With technological expertise, pioneering spirit and an ear close to the needs of its customer industries, the company from Ingelfingen/Germany has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of components and system solutions for measurement, instrumentation and flow control of liquids and gases.

Selected Milestones in Valve Technology:

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After making a name for itself with solenoid valves, Bürkert set to revolutionize valve technology in terms of performance, durability and component size with the development of a plastic-sheathed solenoid coil, the so-called Epoxy coil. But that was not all there was: In the following years, explosion-proof solenoid valves, media-separated small valves for pharmaceutical and life science applications or intrinsically safe valve islands underlined the company's reputation as one of the main movers and shakers in the world of fluid control processes.

Making ideas flow — For Bürkert, this means more than just having the right valves in its portfolio. The key factor is closeness to the customer and the ability to understand the needs of the process industries in order to be able to offer exactly the right solutions. To know what is needed: This notion was at the heart of things for the company's founder Christian Bürkert in 1946. Today, it lives on in Bürkert's innovation hubs, which are known under the German name Systemhaus. It is here that application specialists from Bürkert work hand-in-hand with the company’s customers to develop brand new solutions. The feedback into product development helps create the solutions of tomorrow — such as the adaptation of surface wave measurement for a contactless flow sensor with the FLOWave sensor in 2015. And because it is not just about the flow of media and ideas, Bürkert has an option in its program for simple, flexible and fast networking, analysis and parametrization of intelligent field devices in the form of the device platform EDIP (Efficient Device Integration Platform).

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