Merck to built new pharmaproduction

Merck to Invest € 250 Million in Production Value Chain in China

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Healthcare business of Merck in China

With more than 1800 employees and business operations throughout the country, Merck Healthcare is committed to serving the Chinese market offering 16 medicines in seven major therapeutic areas at present. Merck Healthcare China is No. 1 in fertility and thyroid disorders, and has a strong presence in cardiovascular, endocrinology and oncology.

The R&D Beijing Hub, established in 2009, is an integrated R&D facility aimed at stimulating innovation, introducing new medicines to China and conducting research and development on new treatment solutions for critical diseases in Asia.

Merck’s main therapeutic areas include fertility, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, thyroid disorders, diabetes, and allergy. Product brands include Gonal-f to treat infertility, the fertility products Ovidrel , Luveris, Cetrotide, and Crinone; oncology product Erbitux, Concor for high blood pressure, Sigmart for angina pectoris, Stilamin for acute gastrointestinal diseases, Euthyrox for hypothyroidism and Thyrozol. Significant investment in Life Science for hyperthyroidism and Thyrozol for hypothyroidism, Glucophage, Glucophage XR Glufast and Doxium for diabetes, and NHD for allergies.

Life Science business of Merck in China

Life Science continues to achieve strong growth in China with nearly 800 employees across manufacturing, distribution in three business areas: Research, Process and Applied Solutions. With the Chinese pharmaceutical market due to become the world’s second-largest by 2018 (IMS), Life Science is well-positioned to support the industry’s fast growth with a wide range of leading, innovative products and services for the biopharma and life science industry.

Life Science plays a key role in providing innovative solutions that address some of China’s most pressing manufacturing needs, from improving lab processes to developing innovative biomanufacturing processes.

Life Science’s products, tools and expertise in water analytics and microbial testing enable us to make a valuable contribution to China’s water treatment and waste management initiatives..