Level Measurement for Demanding Applications Level Switch Masters Sticky and Viscous Substances

Source: Press release

Vega's new Vegapoint 24 flush-mounted level switch is especially suitable for use with highly sticky, viscous or abrasive media. The developers' focus was on the greatest possible robustness.

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Vegapoint 24 level switches master sticky and viscous substances.
Vegapoint 24 level switches master sticky and viscous substances.
(Source: Vega)

Vega has developed the new front-flush level switch Vegapoint 24 especially for use with very sticky, viscous or abrasive products. Its focus is on the greatest possible robustness. Even with the strongest buildup, it reliably detects the level of coverage and indicates it with a colored illuminated ring that is visible from afar, states the company.

Thanks to its robustness, the new front-flush level switch is a real plug-&-play sensor. It can be installed very easily in just a few simple steps. Flexible production systems with frequent and fast product changes benefit from the fact that it detects all media with the help of the default setting without adjustment. And extended functions, such as interface detection or foam blanking, can be configured particularly easily, adds the firm.

With this device, the company is specifically targeting the beverage, food and pharmaceutical sectors. Here, mixing and conveying are all about efficiency and safety, even with demanding liquids like molasses or nut-nougat cream, explains the firm.

Especially the front-flush design of Vegapoint 24 ensures universal application possibilities. Even cleaning pigs work safely alongside the flat measuring tip, and the measuring tip also copes with sandblasting. This is because there is only metal in the tank. Compared to plastic, extensive tests have shown an extended service life by a factor of 4, mentions the company.

Users achieve optimum visibility of their processes with the new flush-mounted level switch. The relationship between durability and low life cycle costs is groundbreaking. The decisive factor, however, is flexibility of use: With its versatile process fittings and adaptors, the level switch fits like a glove - even in already existing systems, opines the firm.