125 years of Rhein Chemie

Know-how and High-Performance Additives Deliver Lasting Success

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By “the present day” he means under Lanxess because, after more than thirty years under the roof of Bayer AG, Rhein Chemie has been part of the Cologne-based specialty chemicals company since 2004. Rhein Chemie cemented its standing as a leading, globally active supplier of high-performance additives for the rubber, plastics and lubricants industries during the Bayer era and this positive development went from strength to strength when Lanxess became its new parent company. In its anniversary year, Rhein Chemie has production facilities and technical competence centers in Germany, Belgium, China, Japan, the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Russia and India.

As is typical of Lanxess, these state-of-the-art facilities ensure the highest possible product quality. Existing facilities are also undergoing further development, with a new Rhenogran production facility currently being built in Brazil.

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A few years ago, Rhein Chemie even added a completely new group of products to the portfolio in the form of tire bladders, and these have enjoyed impressive growth ever since. “They, too, help produce better, energy-saving tires,” he says. Bladders are rubber membranes that press the tire being formed onto the inside wall of the mold during vulcanization. Good bladders produce particularly uniform tires that benefit from lower rolling resistance and abrasion levels. And thanks to new, pre-coated bladders from Rhein Chemie, the tire industry can dispense with the additional release agents that are currently in widespread use.

Know-how for a Bright Future

“The contribution to sustainability that is most important to me personally, though, is our chemistry lab concept for crude and processed rubber. Through this we give young people from the local area the opportunity to find out all about rubber and its possibilities during chemistry lessons and a visit to our laboratories,” says Borkowsky.

This educational initiative is geared closely to the Baden-Württemberg region’s curriculum and is being further expanded to mark the company’s 125th anniversary. The project is already proving a success. “Students are telling us that they now understand why high-performance tires can save energy. The future belongs to the young and sound know-how is part and parcel of a bright future,” concludes Borkowsky.