Finland: Sodium Chlorate Production Kemira Announces Start-Up of Sodium Chlorate Line in Finland

Editor: Alexander Stark

Kemira announced that it has finalized its approximately € 50 million investment into a new sodium chlorate production line in Joutseno, Finland.

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Kemira main office the 'Kemira House' in Helsinki
Kemira main office the 'Kemira House' in Helsinki
(Source: Kemira)

Helsinki/Finland — According to the manufacturer, the production of sodium chlorate as well as customer deliveries have started ahead of the original schedule. Full capacity is expected to be achieved by the end of the year.

The new production line is based on the company's proprietary in-house technology and it will increase Joutseno site's current sodium chlorate capacity. Sodium chlorate is the raw material for chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which is produced on-site at the pulp mills and it is the primary bleaching agent for kraft pulp.

After the accomplishment of the expansion, Joutseno site is employing 80 persons and produces a wide range of chemicals for pulp and paper industry.

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