Track and Trace (T&T) Systems

Keeping Turkish Pharma Operations on Track

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Fine Tuning Improves OEE

Once the new systems were running, Antares and Kura engineers tuned them to improve performance. Despite careful planning and training it was impossible to prevent a drop in OEE during the early stages of the project, and the incentive to improve was clear: “Production managers estimate that every 1 percent of reject causes a 2 percent loss of OEE, due to rework,” Ozgur Tansoy says.

Perfectly operating lines experience only minimum OEE drop with the introduction of serialization, but older lines with frequent stops are more difficult to manage.

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For the first two months of operation, while supporting the operators, the team analyzed the performances of machines and devices in each of the 24 production lines, recording the causes and frequencies of “no read” events and rejects.

The resulting list of suggestions to improve performance included ways to reduce machine jams as well as better tuning of the labeling systems and better programming of label formats to maximize reading performance under plastic wrap.

Turkish Success Informs Future Projects

Between them the two projects successfully deployed T&T across 24 production lines and the largest pharma distribution center in Turkey.

Careful planning and cooperation between Antares, Kura and the customer allowed the projects to meet a very tight deadline. Extensive training, followed by generous on-site support and monitoring by Antares and Kura engineers, overcame the operators’ lack of experience and maximized OEE.

Taking a wider view, Antares Vision has played a key role in implementing the new Turkish T&T regulations, commissioning systems on more than 40 percent of Turkey’s pharma lines in less than eight months.

The Antares production facilities have proven their reliability and increased their production capability, being required to deliver massive quantities of modules in very short times.

The experience has broadened the skills of the Antares engineering team in integrating machines of many different types, including bundlers, case packers, and robots, from many different suppliers. Antares’ own production facilities have proved their reliability, while the company’s T&T project teams have demonstrated that they can manage multiple large projects together.