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How Valve Solutions Lower Production Costs in Multi-Purpose Systems

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After the mechanical design work, Festo also assumed responsibility for the automation of the distributor manifold. The remote I/Os of a Festo CPX terminal are used to process the feedback signals from the position sensors. The compact valve terminal MPA supplies the quarter-turn actuators for the ball valves centrally with compressed air.

The integrated fieldbus node provides a connection to the production control system. The compact automation module is installed in a control cabinet directly beside the valve node. The compressed air preparation equipment and the necessary switching logic are also installed in the control cabinet. The compressed air supply lines are bundled and connected to easily accessible multiple connectors, as are the cables for the position feedback sensors.


This makes connection to the plant easier and ensures a neat layout of the cables and tubing. From this point, the lines are routed centrally to the control cabinet. The total costs of the new distributor as well as the upgrade of this application were amortised in approx. eleven months.

Not only this, but the new distributor is considerably smaller and lighter and thus saves valuable space in the production plant. There are fewer connection points between the pipes, fittings and valves, reducing the amount of assembly work required as well as local installation costs. At the same time the risk of leaks is reduced thanks to the smaller number of connection points. This in turn means lower inspection and maintenance costs in comparison with a conventional solution.