Eccentric Disc Pumps

How to Make the Grade — with Special Pumps Featuring a Seal-Free Design

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You won’t have a hard time convincing van Oostveen of that! “We could probably be using an AODD (air-operated double-diaphragm) pump for this application, but we prefer Mouvex because it’s fully enclosed,” he said. “A normal pump has a lot of wear parts, a lot of soft parts, and this pump has no soft parts inside, that’s why it’s very low maintenance. Also, with its system of pumping, it doesn’t matter if the clearance is one micron or one millimeter (equivalent to 1,000 microns), it’s still pumping.”

“They are very pleased with the C24i pumps because in the past they have had a lot of problems with mechanical seals and these pumps don’t have a seal,” added Blok.

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The C24i’s leak-free design also goes hand-in-hand with Organik Kimya’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness in its polymer-production processes. The company ensures that all of its production activities are undertaken while adhering to the most stringent environmental safeguards and since the 1990s has allowed audits to be performed by insurance companies with possible risks evaluated and eliminated or minimized through the implementation of environmentally conscious technologies like the C24i eccentric disc pumps.

The only shortcoming in the relationship between Verder and Organik Kimya falls into the “good problem to have” category and that is that van Oostveen and Blok don’t get to see each other very often because, except for yearly maintenance, there is no need for the distributor to come to the plant to check on the Mouvex pumps.

“We do not do a lot of business with Verder and they do not sell a lot of Mouvex pumps to us because we keep them running,” van Oostveen chuckled. “We rely on Verder for the specialization of maintenance and inspection because they know exactly how the pump works, they know exactly what to check during an inspection and they know exactly what to replace, if needed. We’ll buy new pumps from them if we need them, but not because these pumps have failed.”


Because van Oostveen dreads ever getting one of those ugly red check marks on his work report, he has a long list of demands for the pumps that are charged with manufacturing Organik Kimya’s polymer emulsions: they must be reliable, dependable, easy to operate and, most important, safe for site personnel and the environment. The Mouvex C24i Series Eccentric Disc Pumps that Organik Kimya deploys at its Rotterdam facility check all the right boxes for van Oostveen.

“A leaking pump is not part of our business, a leaking pump is a bad deal, a leaking pump causes trouble in matters of fire-safety risk and also in toxic risk,” he said. “What’s important for me is that we do the first time right. We do not have a lot of time to play around with pumps and pump failures. We need the pumps running — running, running over and over again. We use Mouvex pumps because of their simple and safe way of operation. If I had to choose pumps for another application, I would choose Mouvex again.”

* The author is the EMEA-Director of Sales for Mouvex and PSG.