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How Sustainability Meets Functionality with Modern Valve Design

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Testing is an essential element especially when it comes to critical components such as valves. Intake study analysis, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to predict flow patterns, is also carried out apart from transient analysis, structural analysis, surge analysis, cavitation test analysis, thermal analysis, seismic and vibration analysis etc. KBL is the first valve manufacturer in India to have successfully carried out Flow Test on a very large size Butterfly valve (2200 mm) in house at its Hydraulic Research Centre in presence of NTPC officials.

Research Center Helps Valve Designers

The Hydraulic Research Centre of KBL is one of the largest in Asia, where even very large size valves can be tested under actual duty conditions. The company has developed inhouse test set-up to carry out ‘Proof of Design Test’. Elucidating on this concept, Mahind says, “Proof of Design test is used to basically prove a product’s lifecycle. This test is carried out with a closed loop where the product is kept under the cyclic test; the cyclic test closes the valve, fills the water with pressure and then releases through the opening and closes it. This is one cycle.


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Likewise, in large size valves 1000 cycles are considered, in medium size around 5000 and in small 10000 cycles. Until now we have covered the entire range of valves from 65mm to 2600mm in our proof of design test.”

Scintillating Future

Having thought of every aspect to satisfy the customer and be a one-stop-shop solution provider for him, the company definitely sees a scintillating future ahead. Also, according to Director, KBL, Jayant Sapre, in the coming years the Indian valve industry is expected to grow at 8-9 per cent per annum and the company is all geared up to meet this demand. “We manufacture large customized valves and valves in exotic material for applications such as cross country pipelines. Recently, we have manufactured 3800 mm butterfly valves. Our suction diffuser and triple duty valves are exported to the USA. Our Gate valves are FM approved and UL listed. We can perform proof of design test over wide size and class range. Precision and durability with customized solutions is the USP of our products.”