Aseptic Filling

How Automation Helps to Enhance Aseptic Filling Processes

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Turbulences spread out evenly in the lower section of the filling machine without approaching the open vials. In order to additionally reduce the formation of particles, linear mechanical movements between white and grey areas are converted as much as possible into rotating movements.

High Degree of Automation Reduces Particles

A high level of automation within aseptic processing ensures both an optimised production flow and a reduced particle concentration. The use of brushless servomotors leads to accuracy of operations, reproducibility of processes and smooth mechanical movements reducing the creation of particles.

Format parts changeover of the Macofar VF is almost automatic and can be carried out by recalling product recipes on the operating terminal. Direct personal involvement into the production run is therefore not necessary. Integrated weighing units check the weight of empty and full vials and automatically adjust the filling process. Automatic “Cleaning In Place” (CIP) and “Sterilisation In Place” (SIP) systems are optionally available.

Automation for Pharmaceutical Packaging – Value for Customer and Manufacturer

These systems make the time-intensive cleaning procedures much easier and also repeatable. Personnel interventions are therefore reduced to the greatest possible extent. Additionally the whole course of production is documented and data can be read out at any time. Automation increases the safety and transparency of the whole aseptic filling process. Macofar VF technology’s Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) provides maximum product quality.

* The author is Macofar Product Manager and Sales Team Leader

* at Romaco-Macofar/Promatic/Unipac

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