Automation Industry Growth by Acquisition: Automation Specialist Metso Targets new Markets

Author / Editor: Nick Denbow / Dominik Stephan

Metso strengthens their automation services portfolio: With the acquisition of American ExperTune and its products and services portfolio, the company is likely to target the global oil and gas industry...

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Mikko Keto: “ExperTune products extend our capability to improve process and business performance”
Mikko Keto: “ExperTune products extend our capability to improve process and business performance”
(Picture: Metso)

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Starting off the New Year much as promised in recent investor briefing presentations, the Metso Corporation of Helsinki, Finland announces the acquisition of the US based software company ExperTune, for an undisclosed sum. The move follows their commitment to grow the scope of the services business globally, within the Metso Automation business, particularly targeting their identified growth areas in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industries.

Mikko Keto, president of the services business within Metso Automation said “The combination of ExperTune’s products and Metso’s services portfolio extends our capability to offer solutions targeted to improving process and business performance.”

ExperTune products will be sold as standalone solutions that can be used in any automation system environment, and as part of Metso’s performance business solutions, aimed at optimizing plant performance. The acquisition expands and strengthens the Metso ability to globally provide business-enhancing services to customers.

Expanded Portfolio for Added Efficiency

ExperTune will lead to Metso solutions Keto summarizes the Metso approach by saying “With ExperTune we can provide more versatile and more cost effective customer value solutions to our customers, so that they can meet their most pressing business challenges, such as reducing raw material consumption, energy usage, product variability and environmental impact. ExperTune products will help our customers find areas of improvement in their processes for which Metso has customer value solutions.”

ExperTune was founded in 1986, employs under 50 people, and is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: the annual sales total is below Euro10m (US$13m). ExperTune is said to design pre-packaged industrial software which helps maximize productivity and efficiency and reduce waste in the process industries worldwide, with brand names like PlantTriage, ProcessApex and PID Loop Optimizer.