Mergers and Acquisitions Grace Has Taken Over Dow's Unipol Technology Licensing and Catalysts Business

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Case closed: Grace has completed the acquisition of Dow's Unipol Polypropylene Process Technology Licensing and Catalysts Business for a cash purchase price of US $ 500 million. The deal makes Grace the second largest polypropylene licensor in the world based on installed capacity...

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(Picture: PROCESS)

Columbia, Maryland/USA – “We look forward to communicating our expanded capabilities and full portfolio of products and services to our customers and the broader global marketplace. We’re pleased to welcome a very talented team to Grace,” said Grace Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Fred Festa. The Unipol technology with its Unippac Process Control System, will complement Grace’s polypropylene catalysts families and its polyethylene catalyst systems.

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