Spray Granulation GEA Pharma Systems Bags New Order for Spray Granulation Technology

Editor: Dominik Stephan

Indian drug manufacturer Micro Labs chooses GEA's Flexstream fluid bed spray granulation and pellet coating technology for an organic-based solvents process.

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(Picture: GEA)
(Picture: GEA)

Gujarat/India – GEA Pharma Systems has received new order for its Flexstream technology from Micro Labs. FlexStream is the leading process technology for spray granulation and pellet coating providing greater productivity and lower running costs than ordinary systems and a robust and scaleable process. The Micro Labs order was for a FlexStream 6000 model. “We were very impressed to find this European 10 Bar PSR Flexstream technology, readily available at a price performance level that meets our requirement,” explained Prakash Mudda (Technical Director) Micro Labs.

FlexStream consists of a fluid bed product bowl with several two-fluid atomization nozzles to distribute the granulation or coating liquid directly into the fluidized powder or pellet layer. A third low-pressure air stream comes directly from the fluid bed inlet plenum to create a particle-free area around the spray pattern of each nozzle. Using low pressure gives much better control of the granulation and coating processes with less fines, less agglomeration when coating pellets and a significantly improved yield.

The Micro Labs application requires FlexStream coating technology to be used with organic-based solvents. The technology features a 10-bar pressure shock resistant fluid bed which provides an additional secondary basis of safety in the unlikely event that an explosion occurs.