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From Vine to Wine with Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps

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Additionally, the Saniflo pumps are able to be outfitted with Wilden’s new Full Stroke Internal Piston Diaphragm (FSIPD). The FSIPDs are constructed of food-grade Wil-Flex (Santoprene) and, unlike other models, do not incorporate an outer metal plate that requires the pump to be cleaned manually. Instead, the metal plate is integral to the flexing material, resulting in a diaphragm that features a large integral piston and longer rubber/TPE shaft. This design enables to maintain the same stroke length as traditional Wilden diaphragms. This means increased product displacement per stroke, improved suction lift, greater flow rates and higher operating efficiencies, all of which serve to optimize the winemaking process.

PX8 Saniflo Hygienic Series™ AODD Pump
PX8 Saniflo Hygienic Series™ AODD Pump
(Picture: Wilden)

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A Taste in Pumps

According to the Wine Institute, California accounts for 90 % of U.S. wine exports, valued at US$ 1.43 billion. The European Union’s 27-member countries are the largest importer of Californian wines at US$ 485 million, followed by Canada at US$ 434 million. California wines play a prominent role in the global wine industry, and those California winemakers depend on the best pumping technology to help them produce the highest quality wines enjoyed the world over.

While many wine enthusiasts trust their palates to California vineyards, winemakers around the world trust their pumping needs to California pumps; specifically, AODD pumps manufactured in Grand Terrace, CA. From vine to wine, everything tastes sweeter with the right pump setup. ●

* The author is Hygienic Market Manager, Americas for Wilden and Pump Solutions Group (PSG).