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Frewitt fabrique de machines SA
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Feb 2, 2015


Filling system with built-in fine milling. The objective is the milling, dosing, and filling of lumpy and agglomerated products such as those coming from an upstream drier.

The modular ProFilling system from Frewitt is designed with fulfilling these requirements in mind, and is readily and quickly adaptable to a new production environment.
Milling to particles as fine as 50 µm in size is possible on the system; dosing with the Frewitt milling system or other Frewitt dosing modules and filling into a wide variety of containers with accuracies of ± 10 grams is no problem.

• Very broad scope of application ranging from all types of dry to wet and heat sensitive powders and agglomerates
• Diverse uses, from simple filling systems to complete deagglomeration and filling systems
• Optimum production flexibility thanks to the modular design for rapid and precise filling
• Clear GMP-capable concept for smooth, reproducible production
• High level of operational safety for containment requirements up to OEB 5 (< 1µ)
• Easy and quick cleaning - WIP, CIP, SIP optionally available

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