Maritime Crane Simulators Focusing on Efficiency, Safety and Costs of Maritime Crane Operation

Editor: Marcel Dröttboom

Liebherr has launched a range of maritime crane simulators. Based on original software and hardware, these simulators increase port safety and productivity by providing cost-effective and efficient crane operator training. Approved by training experts, the range of simulated cranes includes ship to shore, rubber tyre gantry, mobile harbour and offshore cranes.

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Successful port operators are continuously looking for efficient ways of up skilling their employees at the highest safety level while costs including time are kept to a minimum. Liebherr Simulations (LiSIM) offers sophisticated solutions that tick all the boxes, allowing trainees to significantly improve their skills in a realistic but virtual maritime environment.

Thanks to the virtual environment, damage to maritime equipment and injuries to port personnel are eliminated. Because training does not interfere with day to day port operations and is relatively inexpensive, trainees can spend extended time in the virtual environment, learning instinctively how to react to unexpected situations. This naturally increases safety in real cargo and container handling.

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A major benefit of simulator training is the ability to simulate harsh environmental conditions when required. This allows both experienced operators and trainees to gain valuable experience operating under challenging conditions in a safe environment. The resulting increase in operator skills allows for safe and productive crane operation under similar conditions in the real world, boosting port productivity. For example, even though it may be a calm and sunny day, the trainee can practise cargo handling in harsh weather conditions such as snowfall, heavy winds, torrential rain and high waves.

The sophisticated LiSIM environmental and physics engine allows for an unprecedented level of detail and realism. Thanks to this non-destructive virtual environment, the operator has the opportunity to learn the operational boundaries of the crane without any consequences, gaining useful experience for highly efficient crane operation.

Simulator based training avoids costly downtime and reductions in productivity caused by on-crane training. The emission and fuel-free LiSIM training solution is in line with an eco-friendly port operation. Moreover, expensive delays in training caused by poor weather conditions are eliminated. Thanks to well-trained operators, simulators have the potential to significantly reduce accidents. Simulator based training is recognised as a cost-saving and safety improving measure.

Original Software and Hardware

The installation of original Liebherr drive systems, software and hardware guarantees a realistic training experience. The drive systems reproduce all crane movements exactly both in space and in real-time. LiSIM is the only realistic virtual solution available in the market for learning the innovative and precise handling of Liebherr’s maritime cranes and their innovative features.